Marrying during Pandemic: How to Wow it?

RIP- Big Fat Indian Weddings

  1. CONVINCING LOCAL AUTHORITIES NOT PARENTS!: Take permission from local authorities to make arrangements while following all guidelines! You may need to go to the police to ask for various permissions. Next, you need to convince people to get hired; all those who are putting together your event- the hotel, the event planners, and even the pandit!

2. GETTING READY FOR IMPROMPTU CHANGE OF PLANS: Plans change every other day with the new announcement done by the Health Ministry, Aviation ministry, or in our favorite show-’Mann ki Baat’! If you are the lucky couple whose marriage is an inter-state affair, then congratulations, for most of your time you will be hooked to your phone. ;)! Oops! Did I mention, it is not for talking to your fiance, but for booking, canceling, and then again rescheduling your tickets.

3. ENJOYING THE LIMELIGHT: When there is so much happening in your life, a new twist everyday……People would follow your life updates more than any tweets and Instagram stories! Everyone would feel accomplished if they are the first ones to tell you what’s new in the news that could affect your plans. Domestic flights starting to operate? New changes in quarantine rules OR the limited wedding guests rule?. Suddenly everyone is so considerate and helpful and the whole world comes together to help you get happily married. :)

4. ACCEPTING REJECTIONS FROM GUESTS :D: For the first time in Indian history, the guests might reject to be a part of an event like a wedding…;)! You beg people rather than inviting them, and they decline very politely. ^_^!

5. ROLLERCOASTER AIR RIDE, MAYBE!: After hundreds of cancelled travel plans, you might get lucky to have one that is confirmed. If it is meant to add adventure to your life, things may go haywire there also. For example, your flight may get delayed or you miss your connecting flight. Then you get to travel in a huge capacity aircraft that is running just for you and your family (a private plane experience!). To add a little spice, how about a piece of lost luggage? ;)

6. ‘DIGITAL SHAADI’- MUBARAK: Arrange a live telecast of your wedding at Zoom.. Make a whatsapp group and post every captured moment into it. Everyone who loves you would wake up at odd hours, stick to your livestream even if your internet speed sucks badly :)! Even panditji would wait to chant his mantras whenever your streaming drops in between :D!

7. EXPECT LESS, ENJOY MORE: Everyone seems to have no expectations for an event put together when the world is going crazy. That is when the magic happens! No mouths to talk but only to appreciate! Everyone would enjoy the mess and that is when you know that your wedding is a grand success..! ❤

Well, this was the story of our adventurous lockdown wedding. So I think we can appropriately call it as- “Pati, Patni Aur Coronavirus”. :D